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ADAM’S STORY: The story of Adam Powell, 32, of Benton is one many of us can relate to. Working more than 60 hours a week, drinking sodas, grabbing fast food because we are too busy, and not making time to exercise. Powell was taking blood pressure and diabetes medication and admittedly was the heaviest he had ever been in his entire life.

Three years prior, he made some changes to his lifestyle and lost 60 pounds spinning and exercising. However, it didn’t take long to get caught back up in work and out of the habit. He went to work one day in January not feeling well, and ended up in the hospital due to extremely high blood pressure. Powell describes feeling pressure in his head that was so strong, he thought his head was going to burst. That day, he actually lost his hearing for a brief time period. “It was very scary,” he said, “I’m too young for that.”

It was time to make a change, and this time around, it was going to be different. He joined The HUB on February first, he says, because of the family-oriented atmosphere. “Anybody can come in here, workout, and not feel intimidated,” said Powell. He started making small changes to his diet, such as eliminating soda, which made a huge difference.

Powell jumped into our facility with both feet first, and now works out daily, sometimes even twice a day. He enjoys doing a cardio circuit in the morning by using the elliptical, bike, and treadmill, followed by weightlifting in the evening. “The people who work the fitness floor have knowledge and experience with weight training and can give anyone off the street guidance,” he said. He also describes the staff as motivational and encouraging. “Getting to know staff members like Preston Lunon personally, if they haven’t seen me for a while, they check in to see how I am doing and to make sure I’m not slacking.”

Powell also emphasizes the importance of meal preparation. He believes having food ready for you when you get home, alongside making sure you don’t have access to unhealthy foods in your home, makes it easier to avoid eating poorly.

To date, Powell has lost 45 pounds and is working hard towards his goal of losing 100 pounds. He’s developed some great friendships here at The HUB and appreciates his coworkers at the Marion VA who help hold him accountable. His advice? Don’t let yourself go too far, like he did. Don’t let it get to the point where it could be too late.

The HUB Team is very proud of Adam and wishes him the best! We know you can hit your goal! Thank you for being such an inspiration to all of our Hubbers.