About This Lesson

Indoor cycling is a cardiovascular, butt-kicking workout that takes us on a stationary but sweaty ride of our life. Each ride is your ride consisting of anywhere from a 30-60 minute 400-600 calorie sweat dripping, heart rate monitoring and fat shedding experience led by a certified cycling instructor. All fitness levels are able to ride together as you are in control of the intensity with the tension knob you and only you turns. Expect to be custom fit prior to your first ride along with being coached along the way so you learn to train efficiently and safely. See you on the bike!


Monday Instructor: Stacey Fowler 5:30PM - 6:30PM
Tuesday Instructor: Valerie Bethel 8:30AM - 9:30AM
4:30PM - 5:30PM
Wednesday Instructor: Stacey Fowler 5:30PM - 6:30PM
Thursday Instructor: Kathy Henry 8:30AM - 9:30AM
Thursday Instructor: Valerie Bethel 4:30PM - 5:30PM
Saturday Instructor: Stacey Fowler 8:30AM - 9:30AM