About This Lesson

BODYPUMP is for anyone looking to get lean, toned and fit – fast.

Using light to moderate weights with lots of repetition, BODYPUMP gives you a total body workout. Instructors will coach you through the scientifcally proven moves and techniques pumping out encouragement, motivation and great music – helping you achieve much more than on your own!

You’ll leave the class feeling challenged and motivated, ready to come back for more. Get lifting with BODYPUMP and you’ll tone and shape your entire body, without adding bulky muscles.

This full-body workout will burn calories, shape and tone your entire body, increase core strength and improve bone health.THE SCIENCE OF BODYPUMP This program is based on the rep effect, a proven formula that exhausts muscles using light weights, while performing high repetitions – this is the secret to developing lean, athletic muscle.


Monday Instructor: Kim Dyer 5:15AM - 6:15AM
Monday Instructor: Jen Rodrigues 8:30AM - 9:30AM
Tuesday Instructor: Jen Rodrigues 5:30PM - 6:30PM
Wednesday Instructor: Kim Dyer 5:15AM - 6:15AM
Wednesday Instructor: Jen Rodrigues 8:30AM - 9:30AM
Thursday Instructor: Ashleigh Franks 5:30PM - 6:30PM
Friday Instructor: Kim Dyer 5:15AM - 6:15AM
Friday Instructor: Melise Oakley 8:30AM - 9:30AM
Saturday Instructor: Jen Rodrigues 9:30AM - 10:30AM