Fitness Instructor Stacey Fowler at The HUB Receation Center in Marion, Illinois

Stacey Fowler

Stacey started teaching cycling classes at LHW Yoga & Spin Studio, in Marion in May 2013.  She began teaching Cycling at The HUB in March 2015. Stacey loves cycling and wants to take the riders on a great, heart-pumping, calorie-burning ride every time they come to class! Stacey also works full time at an Edward […]

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Fitness Instructor Whitney Palmisano at The HUB Receation Center in Marion, Illinois

Whitney Palmisano

Whitney started teaching group fitness classes in Decatur, Illinois with a Zumba certification in 2009. She received her Les Mills BodyStep certification in 2011, followed by a Body Attack certification in 2012. Whitney began teaching BodyStep at The HUB when the facility opened in 2015.  Since then, she has also received a certification in BodyPump. […]

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Fitness Instructor Kim Francis at The HUB Receation Center in Marion, Illinois

Kim Francis

Kim is a married mom of two and works full-time as a Sonographer. Fitness became a way of life for her following the birth of her first child over 15 years ago. Kim mostly worked out (by herself) in the sanctity of her home with exercise videos. Then, in 2011, she stepped out of her […]

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Fitness Instructor Christy Johnson at The HUB Receation Center in Marion, Illinois

Christy Johnson

Christy is a First Grade Teacher who loves music, dancing and inspiring others. She will tell you that in the past, she had trouble finding a fitness routine that she could stick to. So in 2011 when Zumba came to town, she fell in love. In February of 2012, she combined her passions for teaching […]

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Fitness Instructor Debby Reimer at The HUB Receation Center in Marion, Illinois

Debby Reimer

Debby is a full-time Business Analyst who found a love of group fitness. Her first certification was in Les Mills BodyStep in 2015 to help out while another instructor was on maternity leave. She knew immediately that Pound was the next step and has been teaching since April of 2017. Debby continues to work on […]

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