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ANGEL’S STORY: On Sunday Angel Prince, 48, of Marion couldn’t have been more shocked and excited about placing 2nd in her division at our first ever indoor triathlon Tri The HUB. Prince, originally from Granite City, has been a runner most her life thanks to a mentor who told her she needed “something to strive for” when she was just a young girl.

Thanks to a great friend, Dr. CJ Rubright, whom she playfully calls her drill sergeant, she has become more than just a runner. Today, she is a determined triathlete who is pushing the envelope by proving that she is more than what most people only assume blind people are capable of doing. “Our disabilities don’t define us, we define us,” she insists.

Prince lost all of her vision four and half years ago after her retina detached. “You can’t tie your shoes, you can’t brush your hair,” she said. “You forget what things look like and you can’t get seeing people’s faces back,” Prince explained, as she recalled feeling sorry for herself for the first few months.

That’s when Dr. Rubright helped bring her back to life. He pushed her and encouraged her to continue competing. “You’re not stuck,” she realized. “You can still be athletic. You can still have a normal life.” Prince was working out at home until Dr. Rubright brought her to The HUB. “I love The HUB!” she insisted. “It’s convenient, I feel safe, and they make me feel like I’m part of the family,” she added.

Now, you can find Prince and Dr. Rubright here three or four times a week running the track, working out in the fitness center and swimming laps in the pool. Tri The HUB was her first triathlon since losing all of her vision and she’s proud of her accomplishment, but Prince isn’t stopping there. She is now training for Ironman 2017 in Chattanooga, Tennessee and she won’t take no for an answer. “No excuses,” she insisted. “There’s always a way to reach your goal.” Prince may not able to see what is directly in front of her, but she’s not afraid of setting her sights high.

The HUB Team would like to wish Angel a huge CONGRATULATIONS for her second place trophy at Tri The HUB and a the best of luck at Ironman 2017! Thank you for inspiring us and other Hubbers to be more tomorrow than we are today.

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