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BRITTANY SZYNKOWSKI’S STORY: Brittany Szynkowski, 30, of Crab Orchard is a wife and mother of three beautiful daughters. After giving birth to her third baby, like many moms, she was ready to shed that excess pregnancy weight. “It’s hard to have self-control when you know you’re going to get bigger,” she admitted. Last year, she was determined to “get herself back.” Brittany set a goal of losing 42 pounds but knew it would be easier said than done. As a mother, she knows how hard it can be to put yourself first. “It’s hard to do when they need so much from you,” she explained. “But it’s my time now.”

Brittany started working out at home and eating less sugar and fat and more lean meats, salads and “a lot of quesadillas,” she laughed. Her journey wasn’t always easy, though. Hip surgeries restricted her from doing high impact workouts and her abdominal muscles had split, which required even more work to get back to her pre-pregnancy body.

She remembered driving by The HUB one day and noticing the equipment upstairs and thinking the waterslide would be fun for the kids. Brittany, her husband Joe and their three daughters became Hubbers in January. She said it didn’t take long before her daughters started asking if they could come because they love the child watch. “The ladies that work there are great,” Brittany said. “It’s nice to get a two hour break without feeling guilty about it,” she added.

When upstairs, Brittany enjoys doing cardio, working her arms and abs, and using the arc trainer. She frequents The HUB three or four times a week, thanks to help from her husband. “I’m lucky to have a supportive husband who encouraged me to do something for myself,” she insisted. Brittany hit her goal of losing 42 pounds in six months, so she kept going and set a new goal, losing 50 pounds before her 30th birthday. She was able to accomplish it all in 10 months. Her advice is to set a goal until you reach it. “Don’t give up!” said Brittany. “If you stumble, get back up and do it again.”

 The HUB Team wishes Brittany CONGRATULATIONS on setting a goal and surpassing it! Best wishes to you and your family in 2017 and beyond!

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