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LARRY’S STORY: Larry Richardson and his wife Ruth couldn’t wait for The HUB Recreation Center to be up and running. They’d been keeping an eye on the construction progress and looking forward to opening day. The couple moved here six years ago from Belleville, where they enjoyed using a similar facility. There, Larry would swim every day before he went to work.

After moving to Marion, Larry wound up in an intensive care unit due to a heart complication known as AFib. He was able to return home, but became very weak and had to use a cane to get around. He was later involved in a car accident as a result of his legs not functioning properly but thankfully, nobody was hurt.

As soon as The HUB opened its doors, the 74 year old became a Hubber. In a matter of just two short weeks, Larry was walking again and happy to toss away the cane. In the mornings, you’ll find Larry swimming in the Heartland Regional Aquatics Center. Later in the day, he returns to work his muscles on the bicycles and leg machines.

Larry insists, if it wasn’t for The HUB, he wouldn’t be in the shape he is in today. The doctors say his blood pressure is down, thanks to his dedication to exercising six days each week. He truly believes The HUB saved him from what could have been a life of pain and suffering.

The HUB Team would like to wish Larry a huge CONGRATULATIONS on all of his successes! Keep it up, Larry!

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