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RUTH’S STORY: Nearing “the big 5-0”, Ruth Langheld says the reality of a mid-life crisis, which some of her peers had experienced, was starting to kick in. However, instead of buying a red convertible, she decided she wanted to live a healthier lifestyle. She weighed 189 lbs., required a CPAP machine to sleep at night, and admittedly was not leading a healthy and active life.

On November 11, Ruth set a goal to lose 60 pounds in six months with the hopes that she could wear a two piece swimsuit on her upcoming birthday in July. She got online and read about how to eat healthy and began her journey by cutting out soda and sweets. Lots of cardio on her elliptical, alongside sit-ups on an exercise ball and lifting some hand weights, Ruth was down to 154 lbs. by January 26.

It was a new year, with a new recreation center in town, and she was ready to continue the journey of reinventing herself. She started working out at The HUB Recreation Center the very first day it opened. With her job just down the road at the Marion VA, Ruth thought it would be silly not to make The HUB part of her universe, so she did.

Almost every single day, you can find Ruth at The HUB. An inspiration for her, you can also find her 84 year old dad here usually twice a day to walk the track and later in the day, to work out on the machines. She also convinced her husband, who recently had foot surgery and could not walk for six weeks, to join as well. At The HUB, they encourage each other and surround themselves with like-minded people of all ages, shapes, and sizes. Now, Ruth says it is hard for her to not work out every day.

Just one week shy of her six month timeline, she has lost 56 lbs. and counting. Ruth does not believe being healthy is an unrealistic goal and says it is not just about losing the weight. Her oxygen levels are now normal and she sleeps better at night without a CPAP machine. A year ago, she would have never push-mowed her lawn, which is what she did when we got off the phone.

Her advice is the same advice she was given by one of her friends: Make going to the gym a part of your lifestyle. If you have a day where you do not really feel like going, just go for 15 minutes. Ruth says once you are there, it is hard to stop.

The HUB Team would like to congratulate Ruth on all of her hard-work and accomplishments. She is an inspiration to all of us and we know she will be an inspiration to our Hubbers and guests as well.

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