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For Frank and Debbie Lembcke of Marion, living the HUB life is a family affair. The duo moved here from Texas four years ago and eagerly waited to become Hubbers while watching the construction of the facility.

During the week, you can catch the Lembckes walking at least a mile in the lazy river each morning. Frank, a retired accountant, counts each lap, 44 laps makes a mile, ensuring they reach their daily goal. They can also be found participating in water aerobics classes, walking the track, swimming and enjoying the therapy spa as a reward at the end of a productive day here at The HUB.

Originally from Chicago, they’ve managed to attract two of their sons and even Debbie’s sister from California to the facility. “We love The HUB,” she insisted. Debbie’s favorite aspect of the facility is the positive interactions she experiences with the staff and members every day. “You learn how to take care of yourself and you’re emotionally taken care of because the people are so friendly,” she explained. The Lembckes appreciate the accountability and socialization they gain from the new friends they’ve made during their time here.

Since the opening of The HUB, Debbie has lost 30 pounds and noticed an increase in her mobility and flexibility. “It’s important to use your muscles or they will deteriorate. If you don’t use it, you really will lose it,” she said. As a last word of advice, the Lembckes, now retired, recommend that we embrace getting old. “It’s a privilege not given to everyone,” said Frank, who encourages everyone to go down the waterslide at least once. “You gotta try it!” he laughed.

The HUB Team admires the enthusiasm and positivity the Lembckes bring to our facility on daily basis. Thank you for your kindness and congratulations on your progress!

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