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Whether you already exercise regularly or you’ve recently made a commitment to get into better shape, you may want to consider taking some workout classes. To get the most out of your fitness classes, it’s vital for you to pick the ones that are best for you. In order to determine what those specific classes are, you should mull a few things over.

Factors to Consider Before Signing Up for Fitness Classes

One of the most important things you should think about is the likelihood that you’ll stick with a given class. You can increase the chances that you’ll continue going if it includes activities you enjoy in an environment where you feel comfortable.

Your current fitness level is another important consideration. You don’t want to pick a class that won’t challenge you, but you also don’t want to enroll in one that’s too advanced for your fitness level. In general, you should look for workout classes that will push you past your existing limitations without deterring you from returning because your fitness level lags behind that of other participants.

It’s wise to give your fitness goals a lot of thought before you start a class. Do you want to improve your cardio, balance, or joint strength? Is your goal to strengthen your core or something else? Knowing the results you want will help you pick the workout classes that will enable you to achieve them.

Workout Classes at The HUB Recreation Center

Where can you go to find classes that will help you achieve and surpass your workout goals? The HUB Recreation Center, of course! Our fitness center offers an impressive list of classes that are ideal for people of all fitness levels.

Dance Classes

The HUB Recreation Center offers an array of dance classes that are designed to get you moving. Even if you don’t have a keen sense of rhythm, our dance classes will still benefit your cardio. From lower impact Dancing to the Oldies to more rigorous classes like Hip-Hop fitness and Zumba, you’ll find them all at our fitness center.

Cardio and Strength Classes

You don’t have to choose between improving your cardio and building your strength when you can do both in one class. Our Boot Camp will push you to achieve your goals while our HUBcore class will allow you to train like the athlete you truly are. Intense resistance and cardio training are the core of our HIIT classes. Seniors build strength while giving their heart a workout in our SilverSneakers Classic fitness class.

Flexibility and Strength Classes

Even if you’re not known for being flexible, you can still increase your flexibility in our holistic yoga classes. If you want a workout that combines yoga, Tai Chi, and Pilates, our Les Mills BODYFLOW class is for you.

Get Started at The HUB Recreation Center

The classes mentioned above are mere samples of the classes you can join at our fitness center. Head over to our Marion, IL location to begin workout classes that will enable you to achieve your fitness goals today. Our classes are first come, first serve so there is no need to register, just show up! We look forward to seeing you surpass your goals at The HUB Recreation Center!

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