Welcome to our 2020 New Year’s Fitness Challenge! This 10 week challenge is designed to help you reach your New Year’s resolutions with help from The HUB Personal Trainers and Staff. We are excited to connect with you and help motivate you to make the proper improvements to a healthier lifestyle.

This challenge contains two categories: Body Fat Percentage and Workout Commitment.

We are offering these categories so you can earn the credibility for your body fat loss and the work you put in. If you are not losing weight as quickly as you would like, you still have the opportunity to win by showing your workout dedication.

Cost: $20

REGISTER ONLINE NOW: registration.thehubmarion.com

Body Fat Loss Challenge:

Our Personal Trainers will be recording baseline measurements on January 2nd, 3rd and 4th and the final week. 

We will record your baseline measurements every two weeks and your weight weekly. We have provided a calendar in your packet.

We will be using the OMRON handheld fat loss device to calculate and record your Body Fat % and BMI. We are also offering optional skinfold measurements for your personal information, but will not be recording these calculations for the challenge. The second sheet in your packet is an example of the sheet we will be recording all of your results on.

What will be recorded?

  • Weight (weekly)
  • Body Fat Percentage
  • BMI
  • Optional Skinfold Body Fat Measurements
  • Tape Measurements

Winner Prize: (Visa Gift Card) you will win 50% of the total registration fees from the challenge.

Example: If 20 people register the total registration fees will equal $400. You will win $200.

Workout Commitment Challenge:

Join our group exercises classes to earn points for this category. You must complete a full group exercise class to earn these points. The higher the intensity of the workout the more points you will earn.

A HUB Instructor must approve/confirm that the workout was completed at the end of each class.

The member with the most points wins this category.

Winner Prize: Five 30 minute personal training sessions

Below is a chart displaying the point system based off of the intensity of each group exercise class.

Class Name Points Earned Class Name Points Earned
Hub HIIT 40 Hip Hop 20
Bootcamp 40 Body Flow 10
Spin/RPM 40 Yoga 10
BodyPump 30 DTO 10
BodyStep 30 SS Classic 10
Hub Core 30 SS Stability 10
Zumba 20  

Progression Sheet

Challenge Calendar January 2020

Challenge Calendar February 2020

Challenge Calendar March 2020

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