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As a personal trainer, one of the most important parts of my job is to construct and record baseline measurements or an assessment on all of my clients. Assessments are very important when creating a workout program for someone or for yourself. Without an assessment, you do not have a starting point. In this month’s HUB podcast, I will be sharing my favorite assessment exercises to help you find your weaknesses and strengths.

When I meet with a client for the first time, I am gathering information for a variety of things. I start with a consultation, during which I ask questions about their goals and history. It is important for me to know what the client is trying to achieve and what time frame I am working with. I also need to know about their past injuries or health history that may cause limitations to their program.

After I collect the client’s goals and history, I follow up with the baseline assessment. Assessments focus more on physical limitations, imbalances and immobilities. There are two major areas I focus on during an assessment: the thoracic lumbar chain and the hip complex. The exercises for the thoracic lumbar chain focus more on proper posture, core, back and shoulder weakness. The assessment for the hip complex will show more instabilities with balance and weaknesses with hip mobility. It is also common for trainers to do a baseline strength test on the lower body, upper body and core during an assessment.

Once I have completed a proper assessment, I will then know my client’s limitations. If they have imbalances in the thoracic lumbar chain, I know I need to work on upper body mobility and strengthen the weakness in their core. If they have imbalances in the hip complex, I need to work on hip and glute mobility, along with hamstring and glute strengthening exercises.

Recovery plays a huge role with injury prevention and improving performance imbalances. Listen to the HUBcast during the month of May to learn about what exercises you need to practice to improve your assessment results.

Chelsey Greenwood

HUB Sports & Fitness Coordinator


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