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Cryotherapy is the therapeutic application of extremely cold, dry air to your body from the neck down to enhance pain relief and muscle recovery. Todd Vaughn, owner of PEAK Cryosauna and Compression in Carterville, Illinois, introduced this alternative modality to our region when he started his business back in 2020.

According to Vaughn, cold therapy originate in 1978 in Japan and was used to treat people with autoimmune disorders that have systemic inflammation like rheumatoid arthritis, fybromyalgia, lupus, and multiple sclerosis. Research shows pain levels drop, overall function improves and it helps reduce the need for using inflammatory medications.

Cryotherapy has also been found to decreases depression, increase circulation, energy levels and skin tone, boost your immune system, improve cell rejuvenation, assist with weight loss and improve sleep.


The cryosauna converts liquid nitrogen to a gas that is encased in an insulated chamber. It exposes the body, from the neck down, to extremely cold temperatures for 2-3 minute sessions that the operator controls. The cold temperature causes a vasoconstriction of the blood vessels in the arms and legs to maintain core temperatures of the internal organs. Metabolic waste and inflammatory components are brought back to the internal organs where the body can process and get rid of them. Once the session is over, there is a vasodilation of the blood vessels. The nutrient rich blood is sent back to the extremities where it can enhance the recovery and repair process.


PEAK also offers compression, which is known to reduce swelling, lactic acid, muscle tension and inflammation while increasing circulation and flexibility and enhancing muscle recovery.


The NormaTec Recovery devices utilize a pulsing dynamic compression sleeve that mimics the bodies natural muscle pump, enhancing the movement of fluid and metabolites out of the limbs while increasing circulation and decreasing swelling. The devices employ a sequential pressure pattern, starting at the hand/foot and working up the extremity. The sleeves have distinct overlapping zones with holding pressure to prevent fluids from being forced in the wrong direction.


Studies show that cryotherapy is two-to-three times faster at getting athletes back to their baseline, typically just 24 hours. Vaughn says every professional team and most division one programs have access to cryotherapy because it translates to better overall performance.


Hubbers receive their first Cryosauna for $30 (plus FREE Compression!) and just $35 thereafter at Peak Crysoauna & Compression. Make your appointment today by calling (618) 733-3033.

For more information on how cryotherapy could benefit you, check out our interview with Todd Vaughn on Youtube, Spotify or our RSS feed.

Hilary Holdinghausen

Marketing & Business Development Director

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