About Kathy Henry

Kathy is a mother of twins, wife, Physician Assistant, and exercise enthusiast. She started her adult fitness journey when her boys were 3. Kathy realized the importance to stay in shape for her family with the goal to be “faster than her kids.” She started eating clean and decided to train for a 5K, this lead her all the way to running a marathon. After completing 2 marathons Kathy, decided that something new and exciting was needed in her staying fit lifestyle. This is when the decision was made that she and her husband would start CrossFit together. Fast forward 2 years… She took Stacey’s cycle class here at The HUB and fell in love.  Soon after, in 2016 she decided to get Spin certified and began her Spin instructing journey here at The HUB.

Currently Kathy continues to CrossFit, run (but not long distance), and teaches Spin. Her twin boys play a lot of baseball, so you can usually find Kathy in the front yard with a glove in her hand after work. She encourages everyone to find the type of exercise they love and stick with it. Everyone starts somewhere and Kathy would love to be a part of your fitness success story.


Mad Dogg Certified Spin Instructor


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