What to Expect When Learning to Scuba Dive

If you’ve always been interested in scuba diving, but want to give it a try first, we have the event for you. Learn more about what to expect when you give scuba diving a try at The HUB Recreation Center! What to Expect When Learning to Scuba Dive It’s not overstating to say that scuba […]


Freezing Cold? Take a Swim!

Swimming offers a full-body workout that is good for the heart. The HUB Recreation Center’s indoor lap lanes and water park allow you to swim all year long in Marion, IL. Swimming is not usually the first thing that comes to mind when people consider a winter fitness plan, but aquatic exercise holds many benefits […]


Beat the Holiday Bloat

Overeating and unhealthy foods are common causes of holiday weight gain. A personal trainer or fitness classes combined with a mindful eating plan will keep you in good shape for the New Year. Beat the Holiday Bloat Holiday feasts are a cause for celebration as we enjoy elaborate meals alongside our family members but all […]

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