Welcome to The HUB Recreation Center in Marion, IL

From General Manager Chris Georgantas

The HUB Recreation Center is focused on becoming a leader in health, wellness, and recreation, providing exceptional and innovative programs and services that result in measurable and transformational changes in the lives of those we serve.

Our mission is to provide a welcoming community atmosphere of wellness, recreation, and learning through its people, facility, programs and services.

I welcome you to our website and I encourage you to stop by and take a tour of our beautiful facility.

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The HUB Recreation Center

The HUB Recreation Center is an indoor recreation center where activities like swimming, exercising, and playing sports radiate throughout the facility. We encourage Hubbers and guests to explore all of the state-of-the-art amenities we offer Southern Illinois and beyond. For a tour of the facility, stop by today. For more information, call (618) 997-2HUB or visit www.thehubmarion.com!
The HUB Recreation Center
The HUB Recreation Center
Pickleball is back beginning Monday, January 25th! Click the link below for details...

The HUB Recreation Center
The HUB Recreation Center was sharing a COVID-19 Update.

The only change for HUB members and guests from Tier 1 to Phase 4 involves the usage of masks. Phase 4 loosens the restriction of requiring masks during exercise but maintains the required use of masks throughout the building when not exercising.

To clarify:


Masks are no longer required during exercise but are still required at all other times and locations in the building.


Masks are still required at all times for those playing basketball with others.


Masks are not required while swimming but are required to and from the pools.
Mask are not required in the river but distancing should be maintained.

Please continue to social distance, wash your hands frequently, wipe down equipment when you are done, bring your own basketball and wear a mask throughout the facility except during exercise.

-The HUB Team
The HUB Recreation Center
The HUB Recreation Center
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The HUB Recreation Center
The HUB Recreation Center
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The HUB Recreation Center
The HUB Recreation Center
Breakthrough Basketball Camp is back at The HUB in March! Spots are limited and the 20% discount expires at the end of the month. Sign-up online today! #breakthroughbasketball #skillscamp #boysandgirls #shooting #offense

The HUB Recreation Center
The HUB Recreation Center

We are pleased to announce that our region has met metrics to place us in Tier 1 mitigation efforts. HUB members and guests can expect the following changes:

Group exercise classes will resume soon
-Schedule and restart date TBA
-Class size limits based on room or pool space allowing for 6โ€™ distancing between students
Locker rooms and showers are open effective immediately
Masks MUST be worn at all times throughout the facility
Gymnasium is open effective immediately
-Masks must be worn when playing with others on court
-Bring your own ball (no ball check-out)
Birthday parties may be scheduled
Day passes allowed
-Limit of 50 guests per day
Member reservation system not required at this time
The HUB Recreation Center
The HUB Recreation Center
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