This 10-week challenge is designed to help you reach your weight loss goals with help from our Personal Trainers and HUB Staff. We are excited to connect with you and help motivate you to make the proper improvements to a healthier lifestyle. 


April 1 – June 7

ONE CATEGORY: Most Pounds Lost

Participants will weigh in between April 1 and April 6 for the start of the challenge and receive an informational packet at that time. You will have 10 weeks to lose as much weight as possible before weighing back in before the last day of the challenge on June 10.  June 3 through June 7 will be the time frame for the final weigh in. Whoever loses the most weight during the 10 weeks will be given a Visa Gift Card valued at $5 per pound of weight lost. (Example: If the winner loses 20 pounds over the course of the 10 weeks, they would receive a $100 Visa Gift Card!). Participants are more than welcome to weigh in on a weekly basis, but the only two weights that will be recorded by staff will be your weight on week one and week ten. Bi-weekly BMI, body fat percentage, baseline measurements and skin fold measurements are also an option. Everyone MUST weigh in on the scale located on the fitness floor fully clothed. 

Sign-Up at the Front Desk or Online Here: www.registration.thehubmarion.com

Registration Deadline: April 5


$5 per Pound of Weight Lost for the Winner

*Prize Will Be Awarded in the form of a Visa Gift Card

For More Info: Contact Sports & Fitness Coordinator Sherry McConnell (618) 997-2HUB ext. 1503 or fitness@thehubmarion.com

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