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Benefits of Private Instruction

Whether you are new to a sport or have been training for years, we can all benefit from private instruction. Here at The HUB, we have multiple forms of private instruction. We offer private personal training, swim lessons and a variety of sports lessons. The benefits of private training change with every type of activity. Overall, we can benefit from injury prevention, corrective exercise or advanced training.

Injury Prevention in Important

Injury prevention is one thing we focus on in our private lessons. Being aware of what are bodies are doing while training is very important. Injury prevention requires you to pay close attention to the automatic things you are doing. That could be anything from the way you are diving to dig a ball in a volleyball game, to the way your shoulders are rotating with each stroke while you are swimming. It is always a good idea to have an experienced coach give you advice to prevent any injury that could affect your training in the future.

Corrective Exercise Improves Quality of Movement

I typically talk about corrective exercise when it comes to strength training, but it applies to sports training as well. Corrective exercise requires you to have knowledge of anatomy, kinesiology, and biomechanics; but it is used to address and fix movement compensations and imbalances to improve your quality of movement during training. If we have an athlete come in with knee, ankle, or shoulder injuries, we are able to assess their movements and figure out what may be causing those issues. We can then make adjustments to their normal way of doing things to help them recover from those injuries.

Advanced Athletes Also Benefit

Private instruction can also help the elite or advanced athlete. If you are a competitive athlete, hiring a private coach will help you point out the little things that are holding you back. When you consider yourself elite in your sport, you know everything about the basic fundamentals. The next focus should be on how to learn to be more efficient and effective so you can continue to make improvements.

Listen or Watch Our Podcast

Tune into our HUB podcast, also known as the HUBcast, to learn more about how we set up our private lessons and help our athletes improve in their specific sports. You will hear about the basic steps our coaches take to address injury prevention, corrective exercise and improvements for advanced training.

Chelsey Greenwood

HUB Fitness & Sports Coordinator

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