These 30-minute lessons provide a personalized experience in a safe and effective environment for people of all ages, beginning at 6 months old, given by our certified staff.

Private Lessons (1:1): Teacher-student ratio for individual attention for maximum skill progressions.

4 SESSIONS: $80/Hubber, $100/Non-Member

6 SESSIONS: $110/Hubber, $150/Non-Member

8 SESSIONS: $145/Hubber, $200/Non-Member

Semi-Private Lessons (1:2): Teacher-student ratio appropriate for similar level students.

4 SESSIONS: $40/Hubber, $50/Non-Member

6 SESSIONS: $55/Hubber, $75/Non-Member

8 SESSIONS: $65/Hubber, $100/Non-Member

Complete a private lesson registration form and submit it to Aquatics Coordinator Rebekah Crouse for lesson placement.

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