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Fitness vs. Wellness

It is no secret that exercise is important. Being active improves heart health and reduces the risks and severity of conditions related to obesity. But those benefits are mostly about fitness or the physical effects of exercise. Though these factors are important, there are many other reasons to join workout classes, run regularly or hire a personal trainer.

What Is Fitness?

A square is always a rectangle, but only some rectangles are squares. The same principle applies to fitness and wellness. Being fit applies to how physically healthy your body is: how well it completes tasks and how it repels sickness. This is an important component of wellness, but physical fitness alone cannot guarantee an overall feeling of wellness and well-being. Fitness can be optimized through a good exercise regimen that includes workout classes or other regular physical activity. Many fitness enthusiasts use weight loss or strength to show their progress, but wellness is a little more complicated.

What Is Wellness?

Unlike physical fitness, wellness cannot be measured on a scale or through any widely accepted series of measurements like a Body Mass Index (BMI) test. Wellness professionals have created the “wellness wheel” as a model for achieving a higher level of well-being. This model includes not only physical wellness, but also social, financial, emotional, occupational, environmental, spiritual and intellectual components as well. These seven factors combine to give a more whole picture of wellness.

How Does Fitness Impact Wellness?

Though physical fitness is just one part of one’s overall well-being, it can be an excellent starting point towards the end goal. Exercise has many benefits that affect several of the other components of wellness. Just the mere act of engaging in physical activity stimulates brain chemicals such as serotonin that are responsible for feelings of joy and happiness, both positive emotions that help us to feel good. Other emotional benefits include the confidence that comes with losing weight and getting stronger.

Working with a personal trainer can help you to create realistic personal goals that will target any physical weaknesses and improve your physical health. A recreation center in Marion, IL offers a wide variety of workout classes that make exercising a group activity that participants look forward to from session to session. The more physically fit a person gets, the more likely they are to try different types of exercise and sports, which may increase brain function and improve intellectual well-being. Though fitness activities may not impact some of the other components of wellness as directly, the effects tend to trickle down. A healthier, happier person is confident, carries less stress and is better able to make wise decisions and manage their time, career and personal relationships.

Fitness And Wellness Meet At The HUB

True wellness is more than just physical fitness, but when it is fun to get fit, the possibilities are endless. The HUB Recreation Center in Marion, IL offers members many opportunities to connect with others and try new things. Walk in to your first class today and get started on the path to wellness.

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