Ladies Using Treadmills and Bikes at The HUB Recreation Center

Creating Healthy Habits

TURNING GOALS INTO HABITS In the fitness world, we focus on goal-setting and creating healthy habits. We go to the gym, walk outside or swim in the pool to make improvements to our health. Making that first step requires setting some sort of goal. Once we set those goals we eventually want them to turn […]


Summers at The HUB

One of my favorite things about The HUB is summer time! The energy is high and there are a lot of activities going on. Summer Camp and Youth Sports are returning this month and there are several things to look forward to! HUB Summer Camp New Activities When camp first starts you have the wild […]


Using a Caloric Deficit to Lose Weight

What is a Caloric Deficit? Caloric deficit is a term we often use when we are referring to weight loss. To be in a caloric deficit, you have to consume less calories than your body expends. This is commonly used in a cutting season because most people have a general understanding of what calories are […]


Ways to Strengthen Your Body and Mind

Fitness vs. Wellness It is no secret that exercise is important. Being active improves heart health and reduces the risks and severity of conditions related to obesity. But those benefits are mostly about fitness or the physical effects of exercise. Though these factors are important, there are many other reasons to join workout classes, run […]


How You Can Benefit from Private Training

Benefits of Private Instruction Whether you are new to a sport or have been training for years, we can all benefit from private instruction. Here at The HUB, we have multiple forms of private instruction. We offer private personal training, swim lessons and a variety of sports lessons. The benefits of private training change with […]


Keep Your Goals Going with a Personal Trainer

Do you have fitness goals that seem too difficult to achieve? Do you struggle to get to the gym or do your workout/strength training routine at home? If so, you will likely benefit from making an appointment with a personal trainer. Learn more about how personal trainers can help overcome the biggest obstacles people face […]


How Working Out Boosts Your Mood

Have you ever wondered why you feel better or more energize after a good workout? Our bodies release neurochemicals called endorphins when we are active. When we are involved in activity, especially during a workout, our central nervous system coordinates the activity of all the body parts needed to create the movement. Endorphins then act […]

Free Weights at The HUB Recreation Center in Marion Illinois

Tips to Help Increase Your Metabolism

If you are one of those people who has a super busy schedule and limited time at the gym, learning how to increase your resting metabolism will be a game changer! In this blog and in our HUB podcast, you will learn how you can lose body fat without majorly restricting your caloric intake and […]


What to Expect When Learning to Scuba Dive

If you’ve always been interested in scuba diving, but want to give it a try first, we have the event for you. Learn more about what to expect when you give scuba diving a try at The HUB Recreation Center! What to Expect When Learning to Scuba Dive It’s not overstating to say that scuba […]

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