Here, you’ll find the links to all our Machine Monday videos. Each week, we highlight a machine/piece of equipment from here on our fitness floor. Watch the videos below as we explain the benefits and demonstrate how to use each machine properly. Enjoy, Hubbers!


Tutorial – How to Adjust the Weights

HUB Fitness Floor Manager Sherry McConnell provides step-by-step instructions on how to adjust the weights on the machines, including weights under 30 pounds.



#1 – Arm Curl

On our first ever Machine Monday, we show you how to properly use the arm curl machine and demonstrate a free weight option.




#2 – Arm Extension

It’s Machine Monday and we’re showcasing our second arm machine, the arm extension. This machine works your triceps and a quick back adjustment will ensure proper form. Josh also demonstrates a similar free weight movement.



#3 – Tricep Press 

We highlight our third arm machine, the tricep press, and give you some important tips on using the machine effectively. A bench tricep dip option is also demonstrated.



 #4 – Back Extension

This week’s Machine Monday is a quick tutorial on how to adjust and use the back extension machine plus a body weight back extension movement option.



#5 – Abdominal Machine

We take a minute to explain proper form when using the ab machine for optimal results and demonstrate a body weight alternative.

#6 – Torso Rotation

On this Machine Monday, we demonstrate proper use of the Torso Rotation machine and an alternative exercise, the Russian twist.



#7 – Overhead Press

We’re showing you the overhead press machine with a free weight alternate exercise on this Machine Monday.





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