Every Woman Needs to Know About Self-Defense

What you can do to survive and THRIVE in a real-world violent attack? In this training, we will practice simple and effective self-defense techniques in a fun and friendly  “hands on” environment. You will be shown exactly how to gain true confidence in your ability to effectively and intelligently defend yourself in real-world violent encounters.

Instructor: Vincent Fields

As a lifelong student of many martial arts, Vince has trained extensively with many of the world’s greatest instructors and professional fighters. He is a black belt in Gokor Chivichian and Gene LeBell’s fighting system, Judo and Sambo. He has competed in over 200 matches in combat sports around the world. Vince runs a weekly self-defense class at his dojo, located 2 blocks from The HUB. 


Monday, November 14

9:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.

Cost: $5/Member, $10/Non-Member

*Must be 15 years or older (Those 15 – 18 years old must have their parents sign a waiver)

Space is Limited to 20 Participants

Childcare Will Be Available

Register at the Front Desk Today!

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