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With temperatures rising and flowers blooming, we all can feel Spring is in the air. As you start your spring cleaning for your bodies, our HUB Personal Training Department wants to remind you of some simple gym etiquette to keep in mind as we work our muscles into summer readiness.

  1. Sharing is caring. With hundreds and hundreds of Hubbers and guests coming and going, our peak hours can get pretty cozy. Please refrain from talking on your cell phone while on a machine. Text messages and social media are a great way to pass the time between sets, but remember that your leg day isn’t just yours so let others work in as you wait for your next set.

  2. Your workout isn’t done till you re-rack your weights. Just like a top half squat is only a half rep, a fully-loaded bar left out is only half the workout. Please replace all equipment and weights back to their appropriate storage places.

  3. Dress ready to work out. Only the truly lucky get to wear sweatpants all day everyday, so most of us have other clothing items in our closets. The HUB is black tie optional, but please leave all denim clothing behind when you are using the upstairs gym equipment.

  4. Running on a treadmill can become tedious, so having an indoor track is truly a privilege. Just as the equipment and classes have different options for different fitness levels, the track lanes help us choose our individual workout intensity. If you plan on getting your cardio at a walking pace, please keep to the outside lanes so that runners can keep their pace in the inside lane closest to the railing.

  5. Southern Illinois is known for many things, humid summers being one of them. As the temperatures rise, so does our sweat levels. Please wipe down all equipment after use so the next person shares only the equipment.

Author: Jennifer Rodrigues, Personal Trainer
Martin Jennings, Personal Trainer and Russ Rau, Fitness Coordinator

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