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The summer months are full of outdoor sports opportunities, but many people don’t feel inspired to work up a sweat when the temperatures are unbearably high. A good gym can provide you with the opportunity to move your workout indoors, but it can be intimidating to know where to start. An experienced personal trainer is a great resource to help you select appropriate fitness classes, exercises and techniques to best match your personal goals, experience and interests. Try some of these awesome activities to get back in shape post-quarantine without braving the sun.

Why Hire A Personal Trainer

Whether you are a seasoned fitness pro or just looking to improve your health, the specialized knowledge of a personal trainer increases the efficiency of your workouts. Too many people join a gym or attend fitness classes without any real goals in mind. When you work with a professional personal trainer, they will assess your current fitness level and identify where improvement is needed. Together, you will create realistic goals and develop a plan to reach them. Once you have someone to check in with regularly, you can not only get your fitness questions answered, but you will become accountable to someone other than yourself, serving as additional motivation to keep going and not give up. A good trainer encourages you without pushing you too far, ensuring that you follow a safe and attainable exercise plan and setting the stage for a healthy lifelong commitment to better fitness practices.

Indoor Exercise Activities for Hot Weather Workouts

Swimming: It might seem obvious to swim when it is hot outside, but many people do not consider the vast benefits of indoor aquatic exercise. Swimming provides a full-body workout as all our muscle groups are used in the water. Private swim lessons can help you become a stronger and more technically-adept swimmer, but group aquatics classes also provide many benefits. The buoyancy factor of water helps many people with disabilities, injuries and health conditions to partake in activities that are too difficult on land.

Group Exercise Classes: Sure, there are many exercise videos available on YouTube and through retailers and rental services, but staying motivated on your own can be hard. Group exercises add a social element to your workout routine, which can make a crucial difference following extended periods of isolation. The HUB offers a wide variety of fitness classes for every interest and skill level such as Zumba, Yoga, Spin and others. Consult your trainer to see which of our offerings may help you meet your personal goals.

Exercise Machines: An obvious advantage of going to a gym is access to more equipment than most people have at home, but it can be tricky to know how to use all that is available to you. Your trainer can give you a tour of The HUB’s fitness floor and explain how the different machines work as well as any safety or hygiene procedures that should be followed while using them.

Weight Training: Most people associate weight training with building muscle but in reality, the majority of individuals could benefit from the addition of weights into their workout routine. This is another area where personal trainers are particularly useful, as weights do come with additional risks. Your trainer will be able to help you to challenge yourself without going too far, planning a regimen that improves posture, bone density, metabolism or any other goals you set.

Contact The HUB Recreation Center today to learn more about membership, classes, personal trainers and other resources you need to get fit and stay fit!

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