Seven Steps To Effective Training

SEVEN STEPS TO EFFECTIVE TRAINING By Emma Hogan for Fit Planet Want to get the best results from the time you spend working out? Keep these seven tips front of mind. Dr Jinger Gottschall is a university professor, studio owner, Les Mills instructor and former triathlete who has dedicated her career to academic fitness research. […]


The Nutrition Basics: How to Best Fuel Your Body

By Niki Bezzant for Fit Planet If you’re looking to make a change and get healthier, exercise is an important step in the right direction. But for overall health, and for weight maintenance or weight loss, what you eat is much more important than how or how often you work out. Experts often put the […]


3 Ways to Nail Your Fitness

Author: Isabel Fenwick Research says your commitment to exercise is all about satisfaction. You can prevent exercise from being the one that got away by knowing what does (and doesn’t) do it for you. The level of satisfaction you feel when you do something is what’s going to keep you doing it. Exercise is no […]


Friendly Gym Etiquette Reminder

With temperatures rising and flowers blooming, we all can feel Spring is in the air. As you start your spring cleaning for your bodies, our HUB Personal Training Department wants to remind you of some simple gym etiquette to keep in mind as we work our muscles into summer readiness. Sharing is caring. With hundreds […]

Fit Woman Floating in Squat Position in the Air

Three Secrets to Motivation

THREE SIMPLE SECRETS FOR FORMING YOUR FITNESS HABIT Sarah Shortt It’s that time of year: you’ve made the resolutions, booked the gym sessions and … life is getting in the way. Here’s the proven formula for beating those procrastination blues. When it comes to exercise there are two extremes: those who know they SHOULD be […]

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How to Make and Keep Your New Year’s Resolution in 2018

1. Make a resolution that’s both doable and meaningful to YOU. Use the acronym SMART: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-Bound. It helps to create an “event” or date, such as a much-needed annual doctor’s appointment, a vacation (think swimsuits), a race (like our upcoming indoor triathlon), your baby’s first birthday, etc. 2. After you set […]

Members Debbie and Frank Lembcke at The HUB Recreation Center in the Lazy River


For Frank and Debbie Lembcke of Marion, living the HUB life is a family affair. The duo moved here from Texas four years ago and eagerly waited to become Hubbers while watching the construction of the facility. During the week, you can catch the Lembckes walking at least a mile in the lazy river each […]

Young Mother Loses Weight After Working Out at The HUB Recreation Center in Marion Illinois

HUBBER HIGHLIGHT: Brittany Szynkowski

BRITTANY SZYNKOWSKI’S STORY: Brittany Szynkowski, 30, of Crab Orchard is a wife and mother of three beautiful daughters. After giving birth to her third baby, like many moms, she was ready to shed that excess pregnancy weight. “It’s hard to have self-control when you know you’re going to get bigger,” she admitted. Last year, she […]

Woman Stands on the Indoor Track at The HUB


MARY JARRELL’S STORY: Overcoming obstacles and pushing past her limits is the best way to describe 52-year-old Mary Jarrell’s story. She, her husband and their two granddaughters became Hubbers back in April when she was able to take advantage of our one dollar enrollment fee. “The HUB is the greatest things that’s happened to Marion,” […]

Parents and Two Boys Before Working Out at The HUB Recreation Center in Marion Illinois


THE KING FAMILY’S STORY: The King family of Marion had discussed joining The HUB Recreation Center before it opened, but hadn’t quite made up their minds. It must have been fate that brought them to The HUB when they won a free one month membership at a Herrin House of Hope event. The family became […]

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