Two young men playing basketball at The HUB in Marion, Illinois

Benefits of Playing Basketball

It is commonly accepted that the most successful fitness routines are those that are both effective and enjoyable. Many people start out committed to exercising, but if it is not fun, they lose motivation and become distracted by life’s other obligations, eventually giving up on their goals. More Americans play basketball than any other sport, […]


Podcast Preview: Why Do People Powerlift?

Who doesn’t LOVE feeling like Superman or Wonder Woman at the gym?? After listening to interviews from our first ever HUB Podcast, which will be available in November, you will easily see how powerlifting can be an addictive training style. The adrenaline rush after completing your heaviest lift is WILD! When you hit a new […]


Picking the Right Fitness Routine

When exercising feels like a chore, it is nearly impossible to stay motivated and stick to a routine, even if you logically know that it is good for you. Being physically active enhances your life in many ways. Achieving an ideal weight builds confidence and aids in mobility as well as reducing the risk of […]

Woman on indoor cycle bike at fitness center

Hot Weather Workout Ideas

The summer months are full of outdoor sports opportunities, but many people don’t feel inspired to work up a sweat when the temperatures are unbearably high. A good gym can provide you with the opportunity to move your workout indoors, but it can be intimidating to know where to start. An experienced personal trainer is […]

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