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While wintry weather may make you want to stay in bed, you need to find the motivation to hit the gym and workout. Learn some tips to find that motivation now.

Even people who aren’t exercise fanatics have heard it before – summer bodies are made in winter. Although that mantra certainly isn’t new, it still might not be enough to motivate you to work out during the cold, comparatively dark winter months.

With shorter days, dropping temperatures and wintry elements a possibility on any given day – there’s a daunting list of reasons to skip your workout today, tomorrow and even the following day. While there isn’t a shortage of reasons to stay in bed during winter, there’s a more powerful reason to get up and hit the gym. And it’s this: a healthy body is the product of consistent exercise.

Dreams of having a beach-worthy body during the summer are one thing. The need for your body to be healthy is quite another. The former is a want, the latter is a necessity that’s perfectly within your control.

Invest in New Attire

Winters around our Marion, Illinois ecreation center tend to bring a host of seasonal elements area residents have to deal with. Whether it’s snow, sleet or blustery winds, winter requires people to wear different clothing when they’re exercising outside compared to what they’d wear during a different season. If you don’t have the appropriate clothing, invest in some new workout clothes to get you through the winter.

Even if you don’t work out in the outdoors, investing in some new attire for the gym may provide all the motivation you need to get sweaty. Who doesn’t look forward to showing off some new digs, after all?

Is having new workout clothes still not inspiring you to get some exercise? Consider sleeping in your workout clothes. Doing that will allow you to spend a few extra minutes in bed in the morning. It will also provide an instant reminder that the gym is your destination when you get up.

Find a Workout Buddy

If you’re struggling to find the motivation to work out within yourself, find a buddy to work out with. Let’s face it – it’s easy to blow off a workout when you’re only accountable to yourself. It’s a lot harder to skip a Boot Camp session when your BFF is waiting for you to show up.

Not having a friend to work out with still isn’t an excuse to hit the snooze button enough for it to be too late to squeeze in a workout. If none of your friends will exercise with you regularly, you can sign up to work out with a Personal Trainer at The HUB Recreation Center.

Change Your Routine

Have you considered that boredom might be the reason why you’re not motivated to work out instead of the winter doldrums? If your workout routine has you singing the winter blues instead of working up a good sweat, consider changing your workout routine. By making a change, you’ll allow yourself to exercise different muscles, which can keep your body and your mind balanced and looking forward to your next workout.

From boot camps, yoga classes, water aerobics, personal training sessions and much more – we have everything necessary to motivate you to work out this winter at The HUB Recreation Center. Contact us to find your motivation today!

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