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For many people, the hardest part about keeping up with a fitness routine is motivation. When the workout is boring, life’s other obligations tend to take priority, yet when it feels too difficult, it is easy to get discouraged. If these situations have challenged you and ended your workout schedule in the past, consider enrolling in adult swimming lessons or joining a water aerobics class at The HUB Recreation Center. Our water aerobics calendar is chock full of activities for every age, interest, and body type, with the focus always on having fun and getting fit. If you have been considering moving your workout to the water, check out these amazing benefits of aquatic exercise:

  • Fun For All Ages: Swimming pools are a great way to pass time and most of us have very positive memories of hanging out in the pool as children with our families and friends.
  • Keep Cool: The heat of summertime may be fun on the beach, but it can be stressful during workouts, especially for older adults. Our indoor swimming pools let you stay cool in the pool and out.
  • Stress Relief: There is a reason that water is often used as a therapeutic tool; being in the water relaxes the body and mind, making for a calmer mindset as you work out.
  • Increased Strength: As water flows in multiple directions, the body’s muscles must work through its unpredictable resistance.
  • Increased Flexibility: The resistance of the water requires your body to move in different ways than it does for normal daily activities. This flexibility is further explored during classes such as Aqua Yoga.
  • Less Pressure On Joints: Older adults and those with arthritis may find land workouts to be painful, but water-based classes like The HUB’s SilverSneakers Splash offer a joint-friendly option to members of all ages.
  • Lower Blood Pressure: Many people with high blood pressure have trouble with traditional workouts that make the heart work too hard and create strain. Water helps blood circulate through the body more effectively, decreasing resting heart rate.
  • Endurance: Water resistance is more natural than weights, teaching your body to persevere while straining through the flow.
  • Burn Calories: Ultimately, one of the major goals of exercising is to burn calories. While water aerobics may be easier on your body in many ways, it is still strenuous activity and it is easy to add elements such as weights or dumbbells to increase the challenge. Depending on the specific approach and additions you choose, a water workout can burn up to 500 calories an hour.
  • Highly Adaptable: Whether you are a seasoned swimmer or just beginning adult swimming lessons, water aerobics is a low-impact yet challenging way to stay fit.

As with all physical activity, it is important to talk to your doctor before beginning a water workout routine. Ask your physician which types of water workout can help with muscle pain, arthritis, pregnancy discomforts and much more.

Contact The HUB Recreation Center today to become a member or try out a class.

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